The entrancing town of Diglipur is the biggest town in North Andaman Islands but regularly goes undetected as a result of its separation from other famous vacation destinations (Havelock and Port Blair). Yet, maybe it is this equivalent distance that makes Diglipur a particularly unique and brave spot!

With its rich verdure, normal parks, and vivacious marine life; There are such countless choices of how to effectively spend your days off here. From climbing the most elevated top in the Bay of Bengal to investigating the stunning twin islands of Ross and Smith, noticing a functioning mud spring of gushing lava or seeing turtles (settling and incubating) in flawless sea shores, Diglipur is a miracle for all.

Things To Know About Diglipur

  • Diglipur is a unique objective and hardly any vacationers go here
  • It can be reached by street (12 hours) and ship (8 to 12 hours) from Port Blair.
  • Diglipur is for experience sweethearts. A visit to Ross and Smith Island, climbing Saddle pinnacle and watching turtle settling are the vital purposes behind visiting.
  • The Diglipur town has a couple of spots of interest. The region closes by called kalipur is the place where the vast majority stay and that is the place where the greater part of the experience is.
  • There are a couple of resorts and facilities. The most mainstream being Pristine Resort and Turtle Nest Resort.
  • One should preferably go through somewhere around 2 days in Diglipur to partake in its numerous attractions


Arranged far up in the North Andaman, Diglipur is around 290km by street and 180km via ocean from Port Blair. Sightseers can decide to go by street or via ocean.

Via Sea: If you just need to visit Diglipur in the North, the most ideal alternative is taking a boat. There are immediate government transport administrations accessible 3-4 times each week (kindly check the timetable ahead of time) from Port Blair. The entire excursion takes around 10 hours and longer however more advantageous overnight sails are likewise accessible. Tickets can be reserved at the Phoenix Bay office or at the organization block by ‘the Dolphin indirect’ in Diglipur. Discover Ship plans here – https://www.andaman.gov.in/terrain dispatching schedule1

By Road: One can likewise go up north by Andaman Trunk Road, crossing three rivers coming and the Jarawa clan region. The excursion in any case is debilitating and it can require up to 12 extended periods of time. There are various early morning transports employing day by day from Port Blair to Diglipur. The tickets should be purchased ahead of time something like a day before the movement date. There are additionally private AC transports accessible contribution more solace however is pricier. Transports are accessible for the Port Blair Central Bus Stop in Aberdeen Bazaar, consistently at 4am in the first part of the day. In any case, seats are restricted and require advance booking to travel

One can likewise lease a private AC vehicle. This is energetically prescribed particularly in the event that you might want to stop end route to Diglipur. Spots like Baratang, Rangat and Mayabundar have wonderful sea shores and different attractions. Costs from Port Blair to Diglipur start from INR 5000 one way however will increment dependent on your agenda.

Via Air: The Andaman Tourism Website specifies the administrations of seaplanes and helicopter offices that flies among Diglipur and Port Blair. Notwithstanding this isn’t correct. Seaplanes presently don’t work. Helicopters do however are just implied for health-related crises. On the off chance that additional seats are available, Tourists can book them. These seats are restricted and cost about 5000INR (beginning) per individual.

The Andamans aren’t simply ocean and sand as most would accept. Great normal attractions up north demonstrate that there is a lot more to the islands. Diglipur resembles a gigantic open air experience event congregation extraordinarily intended for nature darlings. Here are the top things to here:

  1. Climb Saddle Peak

At 732metres, Saddle Peak is the most noteworthy place of the archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. The environmental elements are a bio-assorted regular heaven as the thick wilderness offers home to more than 13 native birds’ species, 36 native types of bugs and 6 types of native trees. Because of the extravagance of the timberland region, it is currently made into a National Park which offers cutesy aeronautical perspectives on the close by islands for those, who do deal with the extreme trip. The trip is steep and 8kms long. On a radiant day it very well may be difficult for probably the most experienced travellers as well! Kalpong, the lone waterway of Andamans moves through the backwoods and offers an invigorating freshwater stream where water is as yet drinkable.

Instructions to arrive: A license must be gotten by the Forest Department office at the trailhead. It costs Rs 25 for Indians and Rs 250 for unfamiliar sightseers (as on December 2019) and you can get it from 6am to 2pm. leave early and return before dusk.

  1. Swim at Ross and Smith

The islands of Ross and Smith are an incredible sight.

These great twin islands are associated by a slight fifty-meter-long shoal. This sleek white shoal slips inside the ocean on occasion of elevated tide and surfaces up again during low tide. The warm waters are completely clear and the untamed virgin sea shores are quite possibly the most truly amazing ones you will see on the islands.

Best of all, the sea shore is only here and there swarmed and more often than not you can treasure the entire sight without help from anyone else. Smith Island has most offices; roomy bamboo cottages with a lot of shade, changing rooms and latrines can be found. Ross island is covered with thick woodlands and can be visited by intersection the shoal, relatively few endeavours out there.

The most effective method to arrive:

To visit these peaceful islands, one needs to go on a fibre boat. The cycle goes this way:

  • Reach Aerial straight pier and first get consent from the Forest Office as Ross Island is a Marine Sanctuary and a secured region.
  • Buy a ticket for a boat. A 6-seater boat costs around 5000/INR and stays there for 4 hours somewhere in the range of 7am and 4pm.
  • You can lease a private boat or trust that more explorers will come and share. This could take some time as Diglipur doesn’t see a great deal of sightseers.
  • The boat ride requires about thirty minutes and it is very pleasant appreciating the immaculate sands from far off.
  1. Watch Turtle Nesting/bring forth at Kalipur Beach

Turtle Nesting subterranean insect Rangat

On the off chance that you visit Diglipur among December and April, odds are that you will actually want to spot turtles settling and incubating. Kalipur, is one of only a handful few sea shores on the planet, where four types of ocean turtles (Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawksbill and Green Turtles) come to settle their eggs.

For this reason, the public authority has fabricated an incubation facility there and if fortunate you can observer the two turtles laying their eggs (late around evening time) or child turtles being liberated into the ocean (early morning).

The sea shore has volcanic dark shaded sand and perfectly clear water. This makes it ideal for swimming and swimming. Tragically there are sand flies so sunbathing isn’t prudent. During low tide the sea shore looks bleak with dead corals breaking the surface and some mangrove trees accepting the shore.

Instructions to arrive:

Kalipur town is arranged around 8 kms from the aeronautical narrow’s pier and 15kms from the diglipur town. you can undoubtedly track down an auto cart (tuktuk) or a taxi. Transports employ like clockwork.

  1. Journey to see dynamic mud volcanoes

The Mud volcanoes in Diglipur are normal marvels covered up in the midst of thick woodland cover. These, similar to their kin in baratang, are little sloppy cavities made by petroleum gases radiated by rotting natural matter underground which gradually push the mud upwards. It’s anything but an astounding sight, as more often than not there is only a heap of dried mud and little gurgling puddles. Be that as it may one can meander around 41 dynamic sloppy holes, partaking in the encompassing nature and untamed life. The best an ideal opportunity to visit it is promptly toward the beginning of the day as the temperature is lower and the climate less damp.

The most effective method to arrive:

It is arranged about 40kms from the diglipur town, close shyam nagar town. To arrive at this surprising fascination, one needs to follow the little path into the wilderness from the parking area. No extraordinary grants are mentioned for visiting and there is no passageway. Shared Jeeps, transports and private taxicabs are possibilities for movement.

  1. Unwind at Lamia Bay Beach

At the foot of the seat top journeying way and about 2kms from Kalipur sea shore lies Lamia Bay AKA stone sea shore. This is an incredible spot for nearby fishing and furthermore has a couple of turtle incubation facilities. Relatively few sightseers think about this sea shore.

Step by step instructions to arrive:

Transports go here each half an hour from the diglipur town. Private Taxi and Rickshaws are likewise effectively accessible while heading to the sea shore (not back).

  1. Limited Places with Permit

There are 3 additional spots that are regularly referenced when one discussions of exercises in Diglipur. They are the Kalpong Hydroelectric Power Plant, Craggy Island and Alfred Caves. These require a unique grant for passage and are not by and large open for the travel industry (As of March 2020). Try not to wander over here without legitimate authorization.

Diglipur is a huge district that individuals generally visit for Kalipur turtle nestling and the Saddle Peak Trekking. However, there are more places of interest like Alfred caves and the Craggy island which are gradually opening up as the travel industry objections. For this preferably, a 2-multi day escape would be ideal to cover all.

The best convenience accessible in the area is the Pristine Beach Resort in Kalipur. The rooms range from 600 to 3000INR dependent on the convenience offices and the classes. Kalipur is the most visited place in Diglipur and individuals regularly stay here and visit different spots. Aside from the Pristine Beach Resort, there are some administrations run guesthouses like the Turtle Nesting Resort, APWD Guest Houses which has AC rooms at 2000 INR and non-AC rooms at 600 INR. Notwithstanding, accessibility relies upon earlier reserving in these administration visitor houses. A few other more modest vacationer lodges are additionally accessible yet they probably won’t be that solid.

The best an ideal opportunity to visit the area is in the cold weather months when the ocean isn’t harsh and you will place. Additionally, the late spring months can be very hot to go in island towns like Diglipur. Along these lines, it’s ideal to visit from October – April when conditions are ideal for long excursions and investigations. Likewise, this is the point at which the turtle settling and bring forth occur

Getting around Diglipur and its dissipated attractions are time and now and then can be nerve devouring, particularly in the event that you are going on a careful spending plan. There are packed however modest nearby transports accessible. These transports are not many and on the off chance that you miss one get ready for a significant delay till the following one. Most of the sights are very far away and going on a transport can require as long as one day for one fascination. Shared public jeeps are another quicker alternative however once more, these are pricier and not in every case effectively accessible.

We recommend that the individuals who need to go in solace either book a bike (cost around 500/day and accessible at the diglipur market) or recruit a vehicle with a driver (do deal).

Diglipur is anything but a significant vacationer location and subsequently the nearby restaurants serve just neighbourhood food. However, wear ‘t misunderstand us, some of them are delightful. Attempt the thalis (south Indian and Bengali) and request the day’s catch (on the off chance that you appreciate fish).

For more mainland food, you should venture out to Kalipur. The retreat there offers a wide range of north Indians and a little determination of Chinese and Italian dishes. However expensive, it is the awesome just alternative accessible.

Diglipur has additionally an enormous market with perhaps the best determination of vegetables and organic products in the Andamans. There are additionally shops selling rewards, sweet and pungent lousy nourishment and different titbits. Chai and new coconut water can be purchased around the market region.

The lone spot to remain and eat flawless food here is the Pristine Beach Resort. Be that as it may, different places likewise offer great non-vegan food varieties. Most places sell neighbourhood fish and non-vegan rarities. Vegan cafés are elusive here and are practically not existent. In any case, you can get veggie lover food at the Pristine Beach Resort on the off chance that you request ahead of time and will pause.

The New Hira Family Restaurant, situated in Shubhashgram is a decent café on the off chance that you are searching for some other food choices other than your vacationer stop and the immaculate hotel. They serve scrumptious and reasonable food and they comprehend the friendliness expected by the visitors coming in. it’s protected to evaluate food from this eatery.


Diglipur is a town region with a decent number of populaces here so ATMs serving Indian monetary standards are promptly accessible. Indian money is the solitary cash acknowledged here as in other Andaman Islands. Nonetheless, it’s smarter to convey sufficient money and that excessively in acknowledged groups while voyaging. 2000 rupee and 500-rupee notes may be an issue here so figure everything out at Port Blair.

Correspondence and Internet

BSNL associations work the best. Despite the fact that Vodafone and airtel associations may work their network will be feeble. Web association in retreats probably won’t be that well.

Grocery stores/Bazars

Diglipur is a clamouring town, probably the greatest town in Andaman so nearby business sectors are accessible in numerous spots. The vast majority of these are intended for local people and offer a brief look at their daily routine and experiencing conditions. Be that as it may, hardly any shops selling nearby handiworks and different items can be found in these marketplaces.


As far as security, diglipur probably won’t be just about as protected as Neil or Havelock or Port Blair. In any case, it the general well-disposed and supportive nature of the Andaman public makes it a decent spot to visit. In any case, kindly pay attention to the specialists and take satisfactory wellbeing measures while voyaging. Try not to visit limited regions without an allow and be cautious while swimming or scuba plunging. Cooperate with local people however much you need yet don’t attempt to misuse them with motivators to visit confined and unavailable spots. Kindly submit to rules and guidelines and don’t take corals and ocean animal’s home.

Additionally, while voyaging, ensure you make some day’s memories close by for your return trip to the territory. Try not to design the flight that very day you get back from Diglipur.

Diglipur in Andaman is well known for its grand normal excellence and uncommon natural life encounters like the turtle settling and turtle incubating.

The entire of north Andaman has turtle settling destinations secured by the backwoods division. In any case, Diglipur is especially renowned in light of the fact that the woodland office has made very much ensured nurseries here for the bring forth and they have assigned aides and convenience accessible close to the nestling ground that makes it simpler to detect the turtle hatchings. On calm evenings as you stroll through the kalipur sea shore you will observer life start and soon these recently brought forth turtles will slither back to the ocean at day break.