Havelock Island

Havelock Island (new authority name: Swaraj Dweep), the most mainstream island among travellers, is situated around 70 km north of the capital city, Port Blair. Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island) has white sandy sea shores, blue waters, and probably the best making a plunge the landmass. Havelock (Swaraj) has all around legitimized acclaim for being a wonderland for voyagers. Laze around on its detached sea shores, or investigate its thick and peaceful mangroves; swim among fascinating corals while you enjoy scuba plunging or go out there and investigate the wild on long wilderness journey – Havelock has everything!

  • On account of the immaculate sea shores and perfectly clear waters, Havelock is the most visited island in the Andamans.
  • Has the best foundation for Scuba Diving to guarantee everybody gets the best insight.
  • A loosening up environment with a casual energy is the thing that the island has to bring to the table. Bistros, resorts (both bamboo cabins and lavish inns), and plunge focuses line the sea shores.
  • A wide scope of exercises like, wilderness traveling and are accessible here
  • Around 1.5-2 hours from (by boat).

Best for all spending plans. One can select little sea shore hovels which cost around INR 1000 every night to extravagance bungalows and manors that reach from INR 9,000 to 25,000 every evening. Mid-spending facilities are likewise accessible which range between INR 3000-5000.


As a piece of most travel schedules, the spot is known for the brilliant Radha Nagar Beach, Elephanta Beach, Kalapathar sea shore, and water sports like scuba plunging, swimming, Kayaking. Consequently, we suggest at least a two-night stay at Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island) and an agreeable three evenings as well if time licenses.

The vacationer season falls among November and mid-May and the pinnacle season is between December-March. Storm season is among June and September. One ought to consistently expect light rains in any event, during different seasons since it’s a tropical island.

Feb and March are viewed as the best for water sports because of low tides and better perceivability.

Havelock Island can be reached via ocean and air, be that as it may least demanding approach to make a trip to Havelock would be by the ocean. Private and Government ships work from adjoining islands (Port Blair and Neil Island). Nonetheless, we suggest private ships, as the booking is without bother and doesn’t need holding up in line, the equivalent can be reserved through us for a simple and straightforward experience. A couple of private ship organizations that sail to havelock Island been recorded beneath:

  • V. Makruzz
  • ITT Majestic
  • Sealink
  • Green Ocean
  • Bhagya Express

Government-run boats are the life saver of Andaman. They associate practically all islands in the Andaman Islands (counting the Nicobar gathering of islands). Appointments must be produced using the counters referenced underneath.

Port Blair – Phoenix Bay Jetty and Common Service Centres situated around the town

Havelock Island – Havelock Jetty

Neil Island – Neil Jetty

Nearby vehicle in Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island) is genuinely basic. Streets are all around set and straight. It is practically difficult to get lost as everything is simply by the street and local people are largely useful. It likewise helps that Havelock’s sea shores and towns are ordered with the assistance of numbers. These are a couple of choices we suggest:

Traveller taxis: Tourist cabs can be leased from Havelock breakwater, there will be drivers holding up at the pier, if it’s not too much trouble, know that they may be overrated and you may need to deal. In the event that you are essential for a bundle visit, it will be remembered for the bundle.

Bicycle rentals: The most effortless nearby vehicle in Havelock Island is by leasing a bike. You can employ them consistently at roughly INR 500 every day. Fuel Stations shut by 5 pm, kindly ensure you have sufficient fuel. Keep away from during storms as streets can get elusive.

Auto carts: Auto carts are additionally accessible and cost around INR 50 to 200 for short rides and 700-1000 for an excursion to Radhanagar Beach.

Public vehicle: Budget voyagers can decide on shared jeeps and public transports for the drive inside Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island).

Havelock is known for its unblemished sea shores, perfectly clear waters, and an assortment of water sports that it has to bring to the table. All gratitude to the assortment of exercises the island has to bring to the table, Havelock Island is a pleasant magnet that draws in anyone visiting the Andaman Islands. Here are a couple of more activities in Havelock Island.

Kayaking: Kayak your direction through the lovely mangrove backwoods, one can likewise club kayaking with swimming or require a late evening kayaking visit. One doesn’t need to be a swimming master; any novice can partake in this great movement. We suggest Kayaking with an affirmed teacher, Tanaz for a sensational encounter. This movement costs around INR 3000 onwards.

Candlelight supper: Treat your adored one with a heartfelt candlelight supper under the stars. Havelock Island Sea shore resort, wild orchid resort, Munjoh resort offer an otherworldly candlelight supper experience.

Scuba Diving: Havelock Island is very notable for its scuba plunging experience with the best foundation. Andamans is probably the best spot for Scuba Diving. For an astonishing encounter, do book with us.

Shopping: Shop some stunning gifts for your friends and family back home at Seven Heaven, this way of life store is a customer’s heaven. Handpicked, originator dress and gems make for wonderful blessings.

Elephant Beach: This spot is a shallow water safe house for swimmers. All gratitude to a noteworthy number of Scuba jumpers who have instructed local people on the significance of reef preservation, the reefs here are expanding, not normal for most islands where reefs are definitely diminishing. One can reach here either by a speedboat ride or by a short 1.8 km journey across the lovely mangrove timberland to arrive at Elephanta sea shore. This journey is directed by an expert aide and ordinarily requires around 30-45 minutes to finish. Water sports are additionally directed at this sea shore.

Game Fishing: Set off on an elite fishing experience in the incomparable Andaman Sea. Length of this action is around 2-4 hours. Voyage along the ocean and figure out how to fish, directly without any preparation.

Traveller framework in Havelock is the awesome every one of the islands in the Andamans. You can discover sea shore resorts at spending rates or more lavish cabins at a top-notch cost. Costs range from INR 1000 per night for a spending stay, INR 3000 for mid-spending stays and INR 25,000 for extravagant stays. Nonetheless, admissions shift among pinnacle and low contingent upon the vacationer seasons. During top season, costs can shoot up and the best places top off quick. It is prudent to book ahead. Setting up camp isn’t allowed on open land or sea shores.

  • Low Budget: INR 500-3000
  • Mid-range: INR 4000-8000
  • Premium stays: INR 15000-25000

Taj Exotica: Located on the RadhaNagar Beach in Havelock, this spot needs no presentation. Rich rooms with excellent perspectives and astonishing eateries in the property is simply the most ideal approach to spoil.

Shoeless at Radhanagar: Located right close to Radhanagar sea shore, barefoot offers a rich wilderness stay. They can likewise organize every one of the exercises for families and companions. This rich stay is valued around INR 10000-10500.

Shell resort: This sea shore confronting heaven is planned remembering a top-of-the-line extravagance explorer. This retreat offers a spa, limitlessness pool and candlelight suppers under the stars. This extravagant stay is estimated around INR 9000

Jalakara: This wonderful shop inn in the midst of rainforest of the Havelock Island accompanies a wide scope of elegantly planned rooms and a delightful estate with a pool. Making it perhaps the best spot to remain in Havelock.

Havelock Island Beach resort: Located a stone expendable from the sea shore, Havelock Island Sea shore resort is a lovely spot to loosen up and unwind. Convenience falls in Mid-range spending valuing from INR 3000-5000.

The flying elephant: Inspired by Indian culture and style, this stay is roused by Yoga and one can anticipate all around ventilated bamboo bungalows, an outdoors shower region and uplifting tones. This yoga stay is valued around INR 3000-3500.

  • Munjoh
  • TSG Blue
  • Silver sand sea shore resort
  • Dolphin resort
  • Wild Orchid Sea shore resort
  • Ensemble palms sea shore resort
  • Aparupa Sands Marina

Havelock gives different foods to the solace of its visitors from India and everywhere on the world. From Indian foods with different dietary limitations to tasty mainland cooking – nothing is awry. Furthermore, in case we neglect, the fish alternatives are bounty and all over the place! Barbecued fish is an absolute necessity have, particularly at some neighbourhood diners on the lookout. For less expensive dinners, a few inns will allow you to purchase bread, which you can toast in their kitchens. You can even attempt straightforward veggie lover and non-vegan thalis – modest dinners of plain rice, vegetables, dal (lentil soup) and meat at INR 150 – INR 200 for every plate.

Anju Coco: This spot is very notable for its Barbeque. Attempt their enormous breakfast and barbecued BBQ fish here directly by the wonderful ocean.

Something other than what’s expected: This lovely beachside bistro offers the best food with the best view. We energetically suggest this spot for a chill evening.

Nemo bistro: A beachside bistro offering significant candlelight suppers and beachside DJ parties. Head to this bistro for an exciting beachside evening.

Shakahaar: This is one of the first and best unadulterated veggie lover café in Swaraj Dweep. The arrangement is really fundamental and administration here is speedy and is likewise spending plan well disposed.

Bo No Va: This spot has something for everybody. This a bistro and a bar which offers delightful fish, dance floor and an evening DJ party inside the famous shell resort.

Brilliant Spoon: A little road side joint, offers the best fish in Swaraj Dweep. We suggest attempting their barbecued fish in Banana leaf.

Toxin Bar: This bar has a cool wilderness vibe situated at ensemble palms resorts. Best time to visit this spot is in the evening.

Full moon bistro: This is a sea shore confronting Bistro, perhaps the most suggested eateries in Havelock. Extraordinary spot to spend time with jumpers as its put inside the Dive India property.

  • Fat Martin’s bistro
  • Kathmandu Restaurant
  • Squid café
  • Bistro Del Mar


Like the remainder of the island in Andaman, the Indian Rupee is the money utilized. Havelock has two ATM’s:

We prescribe you convey money to the islands

Correspondence and Internet

Telephones on the BSNL network work best, yet Airtel and Vodafone additionally have towers here. Numerous bistros offer Wi-Fi office, yet it tends to be moderate and costly.

Grocery stores/Bazars

Greetings land Supermarket (Kunju’s grocery store) is the biggest all in one resource at the market in Village No. 3. Fundamental supplies can be purchased in the market stores – remember your container of creepy crawly and mosquito repellent. One can even purchase a lounger in the marketplace, sea shore embellishments, and counterfeit adornments among others can be found in the gift shops.

Medical care

Government-run Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) is situated at the town No. 3, which has fundamental treatment offices and a drug store. Exceptional treatment and crisis cases are moved to Port Blair Hospital.


Havelock is ostensibly probably the most secure spot in the entire of India. The Andaman and Nicobar Police (ANP) power is a productive one keeping an ideal law and control. Paying off an official on the job is impossible.

If it’s not too much trouble, abstain from swimming where the sea shores are rough

Kindly don’t take a flight that very day you plunge.


Like somewhere else in India, realizing Hindi and English will get you by in Havelock. A portion of different dialects spoken here are Bengali, Telugu, and Tamil.

Port Facilities

All section is to the island is held and made uniquely through the DSS bury Island Port. (Is this all?)

Helicopter Service

Government-run Helicopter is accessible for crises and between island transportation. The inclinations are for medical crisis followed by different crises, VIP transportation, Local islander’s transportation and minimal inclination for general travellers

Cost in Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

There are 4 principal costs that one brings about in Havelock:


Fundamental convenience costs around Rs.1000 each night.

Mid-Range convenience costs around Rs.3000

Premium convenience can cost anyplace between Rs.15000-30000.


Vehicle moves for a six-seater can cost up to INR 400 for a drop from the breakwater to Beach No. 5 and auto-carts charge about INR 100 for the equivalent. You can likewise bike at around 500 every day. Bike rentals are least expensive at INR 100 to 150 every day.


A Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) costs about INR 3,500 and a kayak trip around 2,500. On the off chance that you are the gutsy kind, we recommend keeping to the side an expense of essentially INR 5,000 for every individual for exercises in Havelock.


Food in Havelock, however more costly than Port Blair is still truly moderate. A fundamental supper for 2 would cost around INR 400 and at an extravagance resort about INR 1,400. A candlelight supper for two expenses about INR 5,000.

Accordingly, a day in Havelock could cost anyplace between INR 2,500 to INR 10,000 for every individual.

Day 1: Take a morning ship to Havelock. Visit the Radhanagar Beach in the evening

Day 2: Try scuba Diving and Kayaking

Day 3: Trek to Elephant Beach and take a stab at swimming

Day 4: Return back to Port Blair or go to Neil Island