Hutbay Little Andaman Island

The Butler Bay shoreline, which is getting reputation among family and overall surfers for its magnificent sea riding waves, is flooded with practices in the midst of winter and summer. A huge gathering of private hotels flanking Netaji Nagar offer surf sheets on lease, anyway check with them going before landing. There ought to be good establishment workplaces on this shoreline yet you would be enchanted by the splendid sandy stretch here. If you are not a surfer, you can go for swimming, sun showering, or cruising amidst the sensible waters. At the point when you have had your fill from the sea and the sand, you can scramble toward a nearby cascade which is the principle surf cascade in Andaman. It is arranged inside a forest area and would oblige you to make a short wild journey of a little ways from the standard entryway passing through a couple of streams. There is a section cost of Rs. 20 for each person and a vehicle charge of Rs 20. Andaman’s simply cascade, disguised inside the verdant and thick rainforests, persuades you. Seeing this overwhelming 20-meter wonderful cascade will surely invigorate you. You can similarly venture out under its reasonable as can be waters, included by bamboo and banana farm. While on your journey to Little Andaman, you can remain at one of the private eco-resorts at Hutbay or the Government-asserted APWD guest house. Room demands at the private hotels start from enormously reasonable Rs 400 consistently, while the APWD guest house (which can be involved through the Directorate of Tourism) charges about Rs 500 for each bed each night. A huge part of these private retreats similarly offer bicycles to explorers for visiting at Rs 300 consistently. There aren’t any excess or best in class resorts in Hutbay. Aeronautical viewpoint of Dense Forest at Hutbay, Little Andaman cajoles the people who need to run off from the typical and dreary metropolitan life to see the value in the superbness of the sea, sandy shore and the green ensemble of the nature.

Hutbay Little Andaman Island

Hutbay Little Andaman Island, discovered south of the South Andaman Island, is at a detachment of 120 km. by means of sea from Port Blair. Cabin Bay in Little Andaman is the segment and way out point moreover the island settle. Little Andaman island offers a flawless mix of white sandy shorelines enchanting Waterfalls, Boating through the Creeks, invigorating Elephant Safari, Elephant bumbling, Elephant calves planning, Surfing, etc. All of the spots of traveller pastime are responsive by the road, driving northwards from the Hutbay Jetty. Little Andaman has an evergreen deluge forest which makes way for an incredibly rich biodiversity. Get yourself a chopper ticket from the State-run Pawan Hans Limited between island chopper organizations to fly from Port Blair to Hutbay. A ticket for Hutbay would cost you Rs. 2,625 and you can peacefully accomplish their shortly. Then again, there are step by step dispatches from Port Blair that will take five to eight hours depending upon their rate. Hutbay boasts about working with the best riding objective in India. It’s anything but a deception and when you visit this isle, you would believe that. Arranged in Little Andaman’s, Hutbay has the longest shoreline of Andaman and Nicobar Group of Islands 22-km stretch from Netaji Nagar toward one side till Butler Bay shoreline at the other hand through Kalapathar.


Little Andaman offers the best show, paying little mind to the likelihood that the season is totally short a direct result of the rainstorm which hits the division from May to August. From November to February some southwest spots, open by means of sea, stay passable. Surfing is fast getting in notoriety in the island as a development elective with little hotels renting surfboards and coordinating surf camps close Butler Bay shoreline whose waves make it the best riding destination in India. Little Andaman has been gotten as a great riding objective in India in “The Stormrider Surf Guide, Indonesia and the Indian Ocean”. There is a private office which runs a Surfing School at Little Andaman.


Little Andaman Island (125 Kms through sea from Port Blair).

Govt. Boat between islands


Government ships continue running by the Directorate of Shipping Services partner Phoenix Bay dock/Haddo Wharf, Port Blair to Hut Bay, Little Andaman reliably. The journey takes around 7 to 9 hours.

By means of AIR

The Civil Aviation Dept. of an Administration works standard heli organization from Port Blair plane terminal to Little Andaman. It takes around 35 minutes by helicopter.

Stay decisions at Little Andaman is especially confined. There are 6-8 private hotels/lodges/resorts with the central workplaces. APWD, ANIFPDCL and Forest Dept. guest houses consider government employees. These guest houses lease space for explorers subject to availability. The total room limit in the island would be under 80.

Visiting and ACTIVITIES

Steward Bay Beach the most notable and exquisite shoreline in Little Andaman is the Butler Bay Beach. It lies at a partition of 14 kms from the Hut Bay Jetty. Head worker Bay is an amazing shoreline reasonable for Sun Basking, Coral Viewing, Surfing, etc. Accommodation workplaces – lodge sort resorts – are open contiguous. Floating through the spring near the shoreline is an invigorating foundation

Netaji Nagar Beach, 11-kms from the Hutbay Jetty is a white sandy shoreline appropriate for sun unwinding.

Cascades: White Surf and Whisper Wave:

Way to deal with White Surf Waterfall

There are two cascades in the island. White Surf cascade which is 6.5 kms from Hut Bay Jetty in the midst of the evergreen rainforest is an ideal trip spot. The cascade is colossal and reliable with its name – Whit Surf. Seeing white foamy water spouting down a little incline justifies seeing. The entire spot is gotten with sumptuous green forest areas and is ideally suited for nature darlings. You may in like manner trip to the most elevated place of the cascade which is marginally a pool up on the slant. There a few little streams that you would cross when you walk around the cascade. Murmur Wave Located 25-km from the Hutbay Jetty. This cascade is moreover in the midst of the wild. Experience to this cascade joins 4-km journeying across the forest which incorporates a trip across the storm forest area.

The Andaman and Nicobar Forest and Plantation Development Corporation Ltd. which works the Red oil Palm house in like manner has elephants for its officer administration activity and elephant calves planning inside the forest. A part of the elephants are open for wild ride in additional time. Do take a gander at for availability with ANFPDCL.

Red Oil Palm Little Andaman is eminent for its Red Oil Palm Plantation continue to run by ANIFPDCL, 11-km from the wharf. The house is spread over an area of 1,593 hectares. A mechanical office for extraction of palm oil is in like manner continue to run by the ANIFPDCL. Traveller can visit the home and furthermore the preparing plant and see the assorted periods of oil palm natural item creation and oil extraction. This can be passed by while going between the white surf cascade and head worker limits shoreline.

Activities at the island incorporate swimming, Diving, Swimming, Game Fishing, Coral watching, Sun Basking, etc. Cruising at the stream close Butler Bay permits to the flying animal watchers to get a look of creature bunches like Hawabill and Nicobarese pigeon. Stream boating office has been given by ANIFPDCL in the creek near the Butler Bay Beach, which is in like manner home to a part of the most uncommon marine turtles.

The northern side of the Butler Bay Beach is noticeable riding site. Corals are open in the nearby zones. Explorers need to pass on fundamental supplies close by them for the above purposes.

There are shorelines like Netaji Nagar and Harminder Bay Beach. Netaji Nagar Beach is valuable for a little while anyway not for practices like Snorkelling.

Auto carts, taxis, transports, motorbikes and cycles are open for transport within the island. Resort owners in Little Andaman similarly contract out vehicles including bicycles. They furthermore engineer swimming, swimming, vessel tickets, thus fortress.