Jolly Buoy Island

Jolly Buoy Island

Situated at 30 KM from the Wandoor Beach, Jolly Buoy Island is a tiny islet in South Andaman that goes under the Mahatma Gandhi National Park’s Marine Sanctuary alongside Red Skin Island, which is a saved region, secured by the Andaman Administration. In spite of the fact that there are no palm or coconut trees here, the Jolly float includes a little yet thick tropical timberland that covers 70% of the island and can be handily travelled across with the assistance of an aide. The sea shore is just present at one side of the island while different sides open up to a precipice that finishes in water, which is the reason it isn’t educated to remain close to the edge concerning the wilderness. As it is a secured region, the total island is a no plastic zone and guests are needed to present the rundown of all plastic things they are taking with them. It isn’t permitted to leave any plastic or different effects in the island since it may influence the biodiversity. Because of this load of endeavours, it has the densest and extraordinary coral populace in Andaman that upholds one of the most extravagant biodiversity in the isles. Wide assortment of coral species houses probably the liveliest and excellent fishes that are standing by to be investigated by experience sweethearts. The waters close to the Jolly Buoy sea shore is very shallow and clear, which takes into consideration a reasonable perspective on the ocean floor and every one of the tenants. In some cases during low tide, the water turns out to be shallow to the point that the corals are practically out of the water, and Snorkelling is limited around then.

However, no compelling reason to stress over that, there are a lot of rental boats accessible at the island who will take you more profound into the ocean for an incredible encounter.

  • Jolly Buoy must be reached by taking a boat from Wandoor.
  • The standard chance to reach there is 1.5 hours from the air terminal including a 30-minute drive to Wandoor and afterward a boat to Jolly Buoy.
  • It is constantly encouraged to pre-book the ships on the grounds that the interest can be extremely high on occasion.
  • Cheerful Buoy is just open for a half year from June to September after that Red Skin island is opened for guests.
  • The opening and shutting season of the island is 8 A.M to 2 P.Mm after this the island is shut to regular citizens.
  • You will require consent from the backwoods office to Snorkel close to the island in case you are intending to do it freely.
  • There are no changing corners or places on the island, so ensure you don’t wet your garments.
  • There are no asylums where you can stow away from downpour so ensure you go on an umbrella during your outing in the event that you visit during the blustery season.
  • Sprightly Buoy is a plastic free zone which implies you can’t discard even a limited quantity of plastic or polythene there.
  • You will be approached to list each thing you are taking with you to the island by the backwoods office, so ensure you pack light.
  • There are no food slows down or drinking water accessible at the sea shore, keeping a jug of water and light tidbits will go far.
  • Now and then, the water levels might go down and the corals might surface, during this, it is prompted not to go in the water since it might harm the corals.

Water Sports at Jolly Buoy:

In case you are anticipating some water sports at Jolly Buoy, you’ll need to book an excursion from the Wandoor Beach by visiting the stall close to the Jetty. Normally, 10-15 min swimming is given free and can be handily reached out by reaching the supplier.

Here are the accessible exercises on the island:

  • Swimming
  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride
  • What do you require for a best Snorkelling experience? An extraordinary area with shallow and perfectly clear waters.

    Jolly Buoy has perhaps the most clear and shallow waters in Andaman which is loaded up with a wide assortment of live corals that houses crowds of brilliant fishes, holding on to be investigated. This makes the island an ideal objective for swimming.

  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride is better known in Jolly Buoy than some other movement, mostly in light of the fact that it doesn’t expect you to go into the water and get wet and accordingly is more advantageous, particularly in light of the fact that there are no spots to put on something else at Jolly Buoy.

    As the name proposes, the glass base boats have a base made of straightforward and amazingly thick, extreme glass that allows you to entertain yourself with the glorious submerged world from the solace of your lodge.

    The boat takes you through the notable thick coral belts that have consistently been populated with a wide assortment of marine life and allows you to look at probably the most energetic and wonderful assortment of reefs and their occupants.

    The entire ride takes around 15-30 minutes to finish contingent upon the sort of evaluating chose. You can likewise broaden the hour of your outing by making a solicitation with the seller.

You can undoubtedly take a taxi and book each movement independently or book total outing to save more. The evaluating is typically decreased up to 30% for bigger gatherings.

Here is the rundown of the relative multitude of sellers and their costs: (To book and ask, you can get in touch with us.)





Airport to Wandoor

25/- Per Person

Forest permit

Permit to Visit Jolly Buoy

75/- Per Person


Airport to Wandoor

2,500/- Per 8 Persons

Speed boat

Wandoor Beach to Jolly Buoy

1050/- Per Person


At Jolly Buoy

500/- Per Person

Glass bottom boat

At Jolly Buoy

995/- Per Person

Arriving at Jolly can get truly unpredictable on the off chance that one doesn’t have the foggiest idea where to begin, the island isn’t associated by any streets and can be reached exclusively by taking a boat.

To arrive at Jolly Buoy from Port Blair, first you’ll need to take a transport or taxi to the Wandoor Beach. Transports are accessible at a time frame hour from any transport stand going through Bathubasti. Taxis are likewise accessible to take you there, you can undoubtedly book one by reaching the right seller. The sea shore itself is found 30 Kms from the air terminal and it takes around 1 hour to reach there.

When you are at Wandoor Beach you can ask about speed boats by taking a right from the bunch of shops till you see the board for boat workplaces. In the event that you need to do swimming without anyone else you can get the grant by visiting the woodland office and introducing you personality verification and visa.

Once there you’ll set out on a brief outing to the Jolly Buoy Island and partake in your day. Make a point to book a return ticket as there are no sellers there.

You can undoubtedly design an excursion to Jolly Buoy by get-together three significant consents and tickets:

First you’ll need to accumulate the necessary consents from the neighbourhood specialists and woodland office.

Then, at that point you can go for booking the boat tickets by visiting the Wandoor Beach.

You would then be able to feel free to design the return ticket also, from the island for a consistent travel insight.

The best an ideal opportunity to visit Jolly Buoy from November to April.

Jaunty Buoy is a minuscule island, and is secured by woods office, subsequently there are not spots to remain there around evening time. You’ll need to leave the island in the evening.

There are at present no spots to eat in Jolly Buoy yet you can undoubtedly discover lunch rooms and little cafeterias close to the Wandoor Beach.

An excursion to Jolly Buoy costs Rs. 950/ – , which incorporates Boat Tickets and Permits. You’ll require this license to reach and investigate Jolly Buoy. The grant is accessible from the IP&T office in Port Blair and boat tickets can be reserved from the tagging counter close to the Wandoor Beach.