Mayabunder is found 242 kilometres by street and 136 kilometres by ship from Port Blair. This spot is 72 kilometres north of Rangat and 79 kilometres south from Diglipur, which makes it fall among Diglipur and Rangat. Mayabunder comprises of a few towns hardly populated. Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu are the significant dialects spoken here. The groups of Burmese Karen clans who were acquired as modest workers by the British public are essential for the number of inhabitants in Mayabunder.

Being generally liked by sightseers who are searching for unconventional encounters, this spot is as yet developing as a vacationer location – having restricted frameworks and less regular network with the capital town of Port Blair. Very much like Rangat, Less data about the spot and lesser-known methods of its availability has left this town less investigated. All things considered, Rangat is moved by travellers going to Diglipur from Port Blair however Mayabunder tumbles to the opposite side of Rangat, so it is visited just when there’s an arrangement to do as such.

So this time, we have considered investigating all corners imaginable of this neglected objective to tell our clients that, how they can visit Mayabunder utilizing the current offices and conceivable outcomes.

Convenience Options in Mayabunder

As expressed before, since Mayabunder has least traveller stream is as yet developing to acquire notoriety, there are restricted convenience choices accessible there with restricted offices. There is one Government visitor house known as the APWD Guesthouse, one mainstream exclusive inn to be specific Sea and Sand having the essential offices like joined shower, gives ocean see from the property and there are a few hotels close by the Bus-stop region with fundamental offices as it were.

Administrations like Television in rooms, Room administration, wireless association, and so on can’t be anticipated while intending to remain in Mayabunder. Despite the fact that the lodgings are exceptionally essential, and have least conveniences, they are clean and fair enough for families to remain.

On the off chance that you have a prerequisite of night stay at Mayabunder, ensure you have pre-booked your convenience to keep away from any on-spot issues in looking and getting a decent spot to remain in.

Select - The Sequence of the Attractions in Terms of Location

This segment is restrictive. In this segment, we can disclose to you the D-I-Y grouping of covering the attractions in and around Mayabunder, in a preferable way over any online guides. This isn’t unexpected, in light of the fact that our group has made this actually by going there, where an online guide doesn’t attempt to help you.

Start from Rangat – > towards Dhaninallah mangrove walkway (Read our Rangat segment to design a visit to this fascination) – > Arrive at Danapur Junction (the market space of Mayabunder) – > Take a redirection towards Karmatang Beach – > Return towards Danapur Junction (the market space of Mayabunder) – > Proceed towards Rampur Beach – > APWD Guest House – > German Jetty – > Return towards Rangat crossing the Danapur Junction and continue further towards Diglipur/Port Blair according to your arrangement.


The base camp of North and Middle Andaman District – Mayabunder, a humble community situated in the northern piece of Middle Andaman, around 3 (three) hour’s drive towards the north to Rangat turned out to be our next stop of the Adventure-cum-Exploring quality really look at trip. So here, this article concocts the most conceivable specifying and data for you to know Mayabunder as an objective of fascination. Stay with us through the lines while we draw out this covert objective Mayabunder in this article.

What's in store while visiting Mayabunder?

Mayabunder is home to not many excellent and grand sea shores, hardly any occasional turtle settling grounds, mangrove-lined flowing rivers, the second greatest harbour after Port Blair-where the central area traveller ships take stop. This spot is additionally the beginning stage to visit a portion of the Virgin Islands close by like Avis Island, Coco Island and Interview Island. We will give you more data on arranging the outings to these islands in our coming segments.

This is an exceptionally far off objective very much like some other island in the North and Middle Andaman that we have examined previously. So you can’t expect any extravagance lead of stay. You will find out about stay alternatives in our “Facilities” segment.

All that you can expect here is to investigate the nature and an excursion to Mayabunder should mean an outing to the edges of Andaman, a long way from the occupied and swarmed life and excessively close to the natural normal life which isn’t mechanical yet calming and charming. With least or no network to the telecom administrations and web, you might feel segregated to the contemporary world however when you begin investigating the sea shores and different sights close by – all you would do is unwind in the sea shores, click the minutes and express gratitude toward yourself for intending to stop here prior to moving further.

Food Options in Mayabunder Island

There are little food slows down, Dhaba(s), or bottles run by the nearby people of Mayabunder. A large portion of the diners are close by the vacation spots or close to the primary market region.

The Sean Sand property has a little eatery with a restricted menu alternative yet serving great food. For eating of gatherings of at least 10 individuals, it is necessitated that you request the whole day’s food during the first dinner of the day so they have your food prepared to serve when you come straightaway, to feast at their place.

Arranging a visit to Mayabunder?

To visit Mayabunder, not many hours are sufficient. Since there are caravan limitations between Rangat-Baratang and Baratang-Port Blair (these are the ways in transit that you cross to reach or return from Mayabunder), and visiting hours limitations at the touring focuses, so cautious using time effectively and pre-arranging is required for getting this excursion going. In case you are considering visiting Mayabunder, there are not many ways you can do as such. Being called an Island master, Experience Andaman takes delight of referencing two of the potential alternatives:

While going towards Diglipur – Stay a night in Rangat, the following day morning go to Mayabunder and visit Rampur Beach, Karmatang Beach, and German Jetty. Later in the evening, continue to Diglipur and remain for the time being.

While returning to Port Blair (From Diglipur)– Proceed towards Mayabunder, visit Dhaninallah Beach (falls in Rangat), after arriving at Mayabunder, visit Karmatang Beach, Rampur Beach, German Jetty and stay for the time being. The following morning, return to Port Blair.

The above choices are not very many out of numerous other elective blends that our specialists could portray for you dependent on your inclinations, the quantity of days you have, and the spending you have chosen.