Ross and Smith Islands

Ross and Smith Islands

The most popular incredible sight at North Andaman is unquestionably the magnificent twin islands of Ross and Smith associated by a meagre fifty-meter-long shoal. This velvety white shoal plunges inside the ocean on occasion of elevated tide and surfaces up again during low tide. The bar isolates the shallow swimming region on one side and some astounding swimming on the other. The warm waters are completely clear and the untamed virgin sea shores are the most truly amazing ones you will see on the islands.

Best of all, the sea shore is only here and there swarmed and more often than not you can love the entire sight without help from anyone else. Tropical backwoods encompass the sea shore and the internal islands are a favoured spot for nature trail climbing. Smith Island has restricted offices; extensive bamboo cabins with a lot of shade, changing rooms and latrines can be found.

How to Reach Ross and Smith Islands?

Ross and Smith islands can be reached by boat from the Diglipur Jetty. These are little fibre speedboats that can convey somewhere in the range of 6 and 10 individuals. The islands lie 8km away and require around 20 minutes to reach. Boat tickets and backwoods licenses are required that can both be purchased at the wharf, prior to getting onto the boat.

To arrive at the Diglipur Jetty. You can employ a taxi, auto-cart or a 2-wheeler (day by day rentals as it were).