A few pieces of the Andaman archipelago are covered by unpleasant landscapes that make the traveling experience a ton energizing and testing. Andamans has enough of traveling destinations given the variety present in every one of the islands. A ton of vacationers who visit these pieces of the globe show intense interest in journeying. Traveling is especially mainstream among the explorers and the individuals who need to appreciate the genuine and intrinsic excellence of the untamed region.

Among all the journeying destinations that offer energizing chances, the stretch between grandiose lounger otherwise called Mount Harriet to the place of Madhuban Beach is generally well known. This locale is particularly top choice among adventurers by virtue of the different backwoods’ life and delightful green thick woods. The district encompassing Mount Harriet is known as the Harriet National Park. The way that it covers 90 bird species, 27 reptile and land and water proficient species, 12 vertebrate species and 120 moth species energizes the travellers.

The ravishing nature trail driving from Hope Town to the National Park is roughly 4 kilometres in length. For the more courageous, the journey courses from Mannarghat to Madhuban sea shore, which is around 10 kilometres in length and the path from Madhuban Beach to the Forest Guest House which is another 15 kilometres in length are most appropriate. Best an ideal opportunity to endeavour journeying in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is throughout the cold weather months beginning from November and proceeding till about April. The blustery months are to be stayed away from. Among the pinnacle months fall the December and January months.

Mount Harriet and Madhuban Beach journey, South Andaman

The Mount Harriet journey in the South Andamans reaching out to Madhuban is around 16 kilometres in length. The journey offers uncommon and excellent locating of extraordinary and endemic bird species and butterflies. The appeal of the thick forests can’t be disregarded. The surprising trip across the tough wild is loaded with experience and rush.

Chidiya Tapu, South Andaman, Kala Pahad, Mundapahad

Chidiya Tapu is another incredible alternative for anxious adventurers. It’s anything but an ideal traveling trail that takes one through rich green excellent woods and the pure coast line and leads onto Kala Pahad. The name Kala Pahad, which signifies ‘Dark Mountain’ itself sets the bold psyche in real life. The journeying trail is very thick here and a movement guide is suggested for the travellers. Subsequent to arriving at Chidiya Tapu take in the stunning perspective at the edge of the dark bluff with a broad ocean front. This spot is flawlessly delightful and make the trip beneficial.

Journeying trail across the Mundapahad to Chidiyatapu is similarly energizing. This journeying is flawlessly specially designed for bird watching and the exquisite dusk seeing. Dusk see is generally excellent at this objective. The trip to Mundapahad begins from Chidiyatapu and leads you on toward the southernmost piece of the island.


Havelock Island Trek, South Andaman, Elephant Beach


Havelock Island is a top pick among the voyagers and sightseers because of being madly wonderful. The celebrated lovely of the island springs from the antiquated profound thick woodlands and delightful blue oceans and white sandy unblemished sea shores. None of it has been moved by man’s mediation and has been very much protected for a very long time. Journey across wild and really green woodlands of Havelock that prompts the twisting mangroves of the ocean front can be thrilling. A milieu of endemic and extraordinary bird twitters your route from the beginning. The backwoods offer a wide assortment of energizing greenery and it’s anything but a delight to watch them in their normal environmental factors. The charming coast line and the cool invigorating breeze quiets your faculties and leads you delicately to the turned mangrove bunches. The trip reaches out for around 45 minutes. The journeying trail leads through swamp terrains and mangrove timberlands and you can appreciate the magnificence of the area while stepping through the wilderness ways.

Journey to the Limestone Caves, Baratang, Middle Andaman

Arriving at the stunning Limestone Caves includes a journey of 15 to 20 minutes through a mangrove backwoods. The track is bronzed and normally delightful. Now and again, it is tight with scarcely a way to go slice through thick vegetation and gigantic stones.

Trip to Alfred Caves and Saddle Peak, Diglipur Island, North Andaman

This trip offers an alternate and fascinating flavour as it prompts the mysterious labyrinth of caverns. The 22 caverns are interconnected at places and disconnected at some different spots. This objective isn’t greatly visited and it is bold to investigate the less trampled ways. The neighbourhood directs and journeying accompanies take you across the woody timberlands to come to the renowned Raman or Alfred Caves of Diglipur Island.

The trip to Saddle Peak has parcels to bring to the table. The lavish green tropical backwoods house 13 native types of birds and is a characteristic pleasure for ornithologists. The 36 variations of native bug species interest the zoologists and surprisingly average person. The verdure additionally rivals the fauna assortment with 6 unique types of native trees. This bio save is a characteristic heaven for nature darlings and the traveling devotees. Seat Peak is the most elevated mark of the Diglipur Island and the island likewise has the solitary stream of Andaman archipelago streaming across it.