Wandoor Beach-Port Blair

Wandoor Beach-Port Blair

The Wandoor Beach is found 25 KMs from the Airport and is one of the significant attractions in Port Blair. It goes under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park region alongside a few different attractions.

With maintainable the travel industry and insurance of the backwoods under the Andaman Islands Administration, the sea shore is encircled by an immense assortment of fauna, which covers it from three sides.

The sea shore itself is situated at a distant spot, which must be reached by passing through solitary streets that take you through the backwoods. The outing to the sea shore is astonishing in light of the fact that you are sporadically welcomed by abrupt leap of wide Blue Ocean, apparent from between the woodland overhang.


The Wandoor sea shore is flaunts the biggest shoreline in Port Blair, effectively extending up to 15 KMs, which is filled by clean white sea shore, commended with fallen tropical trees after the 2004 wave, and has clear blue waters that welcomes you to take a plunge.

The water profundity is completely steady, which implies you can go fairly far into the water without stressing over the profundity above-neck.

The waves are standard and the water flows are medium, expanding just on full moon, which ensures your swim is awesome and agreeable.

Do mind the submerged rocks and dead coral reefs when in water to ensure you don’t get little cuts when roughed on them.

Another more significant thing to remember is that, there have been a few sightings of crocodiles close to the woods of the Wandoor sea shore. In spite of the fact that they have been migrated far away from the spot, the public authority has constructed a home around the beginning of the sea shore.

This net is made particularly for the individuals who might to like swim at the sea shore. It ensures no undesirable ocean inhabitants advance inside so the swimmer stays protected consistently.

There are a few lifeguards positioned close to the sea shore to help in the event of any crises.

Environmental factors:

The sea shore begins at an open region near the transport stand and helipad.

You can track down various open wooden cottages with appropriate seats and tables close to the shoreline where you can pause for a minute or two and partake in the great view with your family.

Moving right from the passageway, you can discover bunches of little shops where you can appreciate titbits and enjoy some time off.

You can likewise take a few snacks to the sea shore yet try not to toss the trash close to the shoreline, on the grounds that the wandoor sea shore is a plastic free zone and the timberland office is extremely severe about it.

There are gift shops close to the sea shore where you can track down the best handicrafts and trinkets at a take cost, so try to exploit that and bring something home to recall your get-away in Andaman.

Water Sports at Wandoor sea shore:

There are no water sports exercises accessible at the Wandoor sea shore, yet it is an entryway to two of the most well-known water sport attractions in Port Blair:

Chipper Buoy Island

Red Skin Island

TIP: To become familiar with arriving at the above places, read the “How to Reach” area beneath.

The most effective method to Reach Wandoor Beach:

Wandoor sea shore is a 25 KM drive from the Port Blair Airport and can be arrived at effectively 3ly:

  • Transport
  • Taxis
  • Auto-Rickshaws


There are a few Govt. also, private transports to the sea shore and are typically liked by local people as a monetary method of going as they charge Rs. 25/man to reach there.

There are in excess of 10 stops till you arrive at the sea shore so it requires 1.5 hours to reach there.

Individuals going through the transport ought not that, because of restricted transports, the accessibility of seats are scares and one should board the transport from Aberdeen Bus Stand to guarantee seats.

Transports are old and in this way inclined to issues, so it’s astute to take the quantity of a taxi administration to guarantee you don’t get stuck midway.

Taxis and Auto-Rickshaws:

Different sorts of private vehicles including Swift and Ertiga are accessible to arrive at the sea shore and are generally liked by guests as they are more agreeable and take you to the sea shore in less than 30 minutes.

It is constantly encouraged to pre-book the taxi on the grounds that now and again of pinnacle season the accessibility of vehicles are less.

Taxi Prices:

Pre=booked: Rs. 1199/ – from the Airport

Non Pre-booked: Rs. 1500/ – from the Airport

Auto rickshaws: Rs. 1200/ – to 1500/ – from the Airport

Arriving at Nearby Islands:

Cheerful Buoy Island from Wandoor Beach:

Happy Buoy is a sanctuary for individuals who’d prefer to encounter some experience and water-sports while their time in Andaman. It is just open for a half year, after which the Red Island is opened.

Chipper Buoy is found practically 25KM from the Wandoor Beach and must be reached by taking a boat from the Wandoor Jetty.

The passes to the speed boats are given from the IPNT office in Bengali Club.

Once there you’ll need to remain in line with proper characters and get the ticket. A consent from the backwoods division is needed to go there which is additionally accessible from a similar office.

Tickets can be pre-booked by reaching proper Tour Operators and Dmc’s.

Red Skin Island from Wandoor Beach:

Arriving at Red Skin Island from Wandoor is equivalent to Jolly Buoy, you’ll need to get the tickets from IPNT office and load up the ship from the Wandoor Beach.

Make a point to take timberland authorization to stay away from deny of section to the island.

Things you need to know prior to visiting:

  • Continuously ask the nearby specialists or lifeguards prior to swimming in the water.
  • Try not to toss plastics and polythene close to the sea shore since it goes under the Andaman woods save.
  • Number of transports to the sea shore are restricted so try to get the timings prior to visiting.
  • Taxis and auto rickshaws are scant at the sea shore so make a point to take the quantity of a driver when you reach there.
  • Pre-booking taxis is the most ideal approach to the sea shore.